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SBU Ltd. manufactures cables for electric floor heating in its own workshop in Burgas, Bulgaria.

Output (W) Heated area (m2) Cable lenght (m)
Floor heating 350 W 3-4 m2 25 m
Floor heating 500 W 3-4 m2 25 m
Floor heating 700 W 4-5 m2 50 m
Floor heating 1000 W 6-9 m2 65 m
Floor heating 1250 W 8-10 m2 80 m
Floor heating 1500 W 8-10 m2 70 m
Floor heating 1600 W 10-13 m2 100 m
Floor heating 1800 W 13-15 m2 90 m
Floor heating 2000 W 14-17 m2 120 m
Floor heating 2400 W 16-19 m2 110 m


  • Supply Voltage - 220V±10%
  •  Output – 350 W¸2400 W
  •  Heated area with one cable - 4¸20 м2
  •  Lenght: - 25¸120 м
  • Floor temperature: 25-30 °С (depending on the running time).


The cables are manufactured of electroresistant material with high-temperature insulation and multi-strand copper.

  • Floor heating system is a way of heating suitable for your kitchen, living-room, bathroom, office, restaurantр, etc.

Picking out circuits with proper output, floor heating can be a good decision for many non-conventional problems. We have many examples, inspired by the practice.

  • For keeping the necessary temperature of fuel pipelines, water mains, etc.
  • Unfreezing satellite plates
  • Unfreezing the doors of big freezers
  • For snow and ice melting, installed on the roofs, in front of houses, garages, stairs and so on
  • It can be elaborated to unfreeze gutters
  • In the last years it finds big application in hot-houses for seedlings (mainly used output is 1600W и 2000W)


Подово отопление

The cables must be put evenly on the floor, having in mind the following instructions:

  • According to the area and the function, pick out the proper output (approx. 100-150 w/m2).
  • Put the cable around the beforehand put steel nails. Pay attention that there should be a distance of minimum 5 cm between the rows and 10 cm from the walls. It has to be put straight. Connect your floor heating system via thermostat for regulating the temperature of the system so that the system's temperature is maintained near a desired setpoint temperature.
  • Under the cable and above it put cement putty up to 3 cm thickness.
  • Then you may put carpet or for best accumulation effect put tiles, granite tiles or marble (in these cases the cement putty above the cable must be 1 cm.
  • For best results put an insulation material under the cables.


  • Plugging in the circuit in the electrical network unfolded (in the way it is purchased) is unacceptable.
  • Do not use the floor heating system earlier than 10 days after laying the concrete and the finishing coat. The concrete must be allowed to dry completely before using the floor heating.
  • Crossing the cable rows when laying the cable is absolutely wrong and dangerous.
  • Do not bend the cable during the installation.

According to Regulation No 16-116 from 08 February 2008 about Technical exploitation of electric equipment, under the cable must be put aluminium foil or aluminium band which has to be brought out towards the earthing terminal of the plug.


The thermostat is used for temperature regulation, which prevents the floor from overheating. It is easily adjusted by turning the dial on the thermostat. It switches on and off the electrical power towards the Floor Heating System. The thermostat has to be put vertically on the wall, leaving enough space around it for air circulation. Place the thermostat far from direct sunlight, drafts, doorways, skylights, and windows.

We offer 3 types of thermostats-mechanical, electronic and electronic with a remote sensor..

  • Mechanical thermostat: The temperature control is through mechanical (bimetallic) regulator.
  • Electronic thermostat:   The temperature control is through diode sensor.
  • Electronic thermostat with a remote sensor: These thermostats are used in moist places such as bathrooms, hot-houses and so on. The sensor is installed separately from the regulator. It is built in together with the floor heating cables in the floor. The regulator has to be put outside the room, in a dry place.

Technical characteristics:

Electronic Thermostat
with a remote sensor
Supply Voltage 220 V 220 V 220 V
Breaking capacity 16 A 13 A 13 A
Maximum active output 2500 W 2500 W 2500 W
Operating temperature from 5 to +35 °C from 5 to +35 °C from -5 to +5 °C
and from 5 to +35 °C
Range of switching to 3 °C to 1 °C to 1 °C
Accuracy ±1 °C ±1 °C ±1 °C
Wearing out 100 000 cycles 100 000 cycles 100 000 cycles
Dimensions 78 x 78 x 35 mm 78 x 78 x 35 mm 78 x 78 x 35 mm